31 July 2020

Book review: Trinkets & Charms

For the first book review in what I hope to become a series, I will be discussing this book, Trinkets & Charms: The use, meaning and significance of dress accessories, 1300-1700.

26 July 2020

Review: George Weil water-retted line flax, aka how to rescue snarled line flax

So, having got burnt by a previous flax fibre purchase, I tried once again to find some affordable line flax for sale. As you might guess from the title, once again this did not go entirely to plan. This is what I got:

6 July 2020

A lower class tunic - Part 3: Drafting the Garment

It's been a while in coming, but I started feeling guilty about my terrible lack of blogging. Also, Emil has re-started blogging over here at Panzarsork, so I thought maybe I should re-start a bit of blogging, too. This series discusses making my husband a new tunic, which was done for Visby 2019, so nearly a year ago now (I said I'm awful at blogging -- this isn't even my most-delayed blog project.) Anyway, with no further ado, here is the next post.