24 March 2020

Drop spindles? Part 2 - Drop the drop! (or 'please stop calling them that!')

In Part 1 and Part 1b of this series, I documented the earliest uses of the term 'drop spindle' and theorised about how the term may have come about. In this, the final part of the series, I discuss why (in my opinion) the term 'drop spindle' is so problematic and should never be used, particularly in a reenactment or historic context.

Even the Met is at it, and they REALLY should know better. Source.

19 March 2020

Things to do when self-isolating and social distancing

Self-isolation is now fast becoming the word of the year and most everyone is contemplating weeks if not months mostly shut inside with limited social contact. To make you feel a little less doleful than St Avia, pictured below, I have compiled some links of things to do whilst self-isolating and/or practicing social distancing.

St Avia in prison. French, c. 1480-85.