23 November 2019

A lower class tunic - Part 2: Choosing a Pattern

As I discussed previously, my husband and I needed new head-to-toe outfits for our trip to the Battle of Wisby this year. This involved making my husband a new tunic. This series discusses that project.

6 September 2019

Tutorial: creating Herjolfsnes-style garments using a ratio system

I've made a few Herjolfsnes-style garments in the last few years. All of these have been based on my or other's own measurements, rather than using a pattern (such as those in Medieval Garments Reconstructed). Obviously, using one's own measurements results in garments that are a different shape/size to those of the originals.

I felt it was important when doing this to try to preserve the proportions of the original garments. In particular, the proportions of the bottom hems (they are huge!) and the proportions of the side gores (they definitely do not form princess seams). Here's how I did it...

4 September 2019

A lower class tunic - Part 1: Pictorial research

The last 12 months or so have been full of (increasingly frantic...) sewing as I and some of my friends prepared for our first visit to the Battle of Wisby. For those of you who don't know, this is a huge mid-14th Century event held in Sweden which is a bit of a Mecca for 14th Century reenactors who are of an authenticity bent (i.e. ME!).

My husband & I needed pretty much head-to-toe new outfits. One of the key items was a new tunic for my husband. Of course, that required research!

24 February 2019

Historical Sew Monthly 2019: #2 - Linen/Linens

The Visby sewing continues! I've already completed two shifts for myself and a pair of braies for my husband (using the excellent loincloth-type pattern shared by Enes and Riku at Hibernaatio). Next on the list was a shirt for my husband. I continued using the delicious antique hand-woven hemp I bought last year to make something a bit like this:

Pierpoint Morgan MS G. 24, f. 19. N. France or Belgium,
possibly Tournai, c. 1350. Source.

2 January 2019

Sewing goals - 2019

Hello, all!

I hope to be rather more active blogging here this year. I have several large projects going on this year as ... I am finally actually going to the Battle of Wisby! (Eee! I am SO excited!) So, I have new head-to-toe outfits for myself and my husband to sew before August.

As well as giving me a good kick on my Herjolfsnes/Manuscript challenge dress, some of the outfits will also fit into this year's Historical Sew Monthly Challenges. My plans are thus: