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Here are links to various articles and tutorials series that I have written.


The 14th Century Bust
A series of posts discussing the bust silhouette in the 14th Century. This often-ignored aspect of 14th Century costuming is one of the key considerations when making an outfit that is specifically 14th Century rather than simply 'generic late medieval'.

Teasels for carding - a myth?
A short series of posts discussing the oft-repeated 'fact' that "teasels were used for carding wool" and getting to the bottom of this myth/misunderstanding.

Drop spindles?
A series of posts delving into the origins of the term 'drop spindle' and why, in my opinion, the currently-used term should never be used in a historic or reenactment context.
Part 2: Drop the drop! (or 'please stop calling them that!)

Collations of references
Sprang references - a brief list of extant sprang textiles, predominantly focusing on those which are both Western and either medieval or later.
Fingerloop references - a list of useful websites for learning fingerloop braiding, particularly the braids documented in late medieval and early modern European manuscripts.


Preparing to make medieval clothing

Making medieval clothing

Caring for medieval clothing

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