23 April 2020

Herjolfsnes errors: Norlund 33 (Museum No. D5674)

Following discussion on the Herjolfsnes Challenge, it was agreed that it would be useful to have a repository of the errors, inconsistencies and unclear statements in Woven Into the Earth and Medieval Garments Reconstructed, the two reference books about garments from Herjolfsnes, Greenland. These have been collated by members of the Herjolfsnes Challenge.

This blog post deals with errors that directly relate to Norlund 33 (aka D5674). As more errors are found, they will be added to this repository. If you have noticed any, please let us know and we will add them.

All page numbers refer to the English-language versions of either Woven Into the Earth (WitE-E) or Medieval Garments Reconstructed (MGR-E). When the Danish-language versions are referred to, they will be denoted as WitE-D (i.e. Som syet til jorden) and MGR-D (i.e. Nordbomønstre).

For the full repository of Herjolfsnes errors, see this page.

6 April 2020

A linen belt for a peasant: or, the belt that wasn't

Every once and a while with this hobby, you end up making something -perhaps even putting a lot of effort into something- only to realise that it's actually completely wrong. Some people choose to just keep it anyway (after all, you did put a lot of effort into it). Some people chalk it up as a learning exercise - after all, you now know more about what people didn't do, which is sometimes as important as knowing what they did do.

This is a blogpost about one of those projects...

The culprit.