19 March 2020

Things to do when self-isolating and social distancing

Self-isolation is now fast becoming the word of the year and most everyone is contemplating weeks if not months mostly shut inside with limited social contact. To make you feel a little less doleful than St Avia, pictured below, I have compiled some links of things to do whilst self-isolating and/or practicing social distancing.

St Avia in prison. French, c. 1480-85.

Yes, the whole situation is worrying, especially for those with health problems. Yes, it is highly disappointing that so many events are already cancelled this year. However, rather than sitting at home going stir-crazy it is better to keep busy. The small silver lining of self-isolating and social distancing is that it provides great opportunity for completing projects and learning new skills.

Here's a selection of links to get you started.

  • Katafalk has several sewing tutorials for various, mostly small items including veils, caps and bags. They are medieval, 16th Century and modern and are available here.
  • Sally Pointer has shared tutorials for various crafts including netting, naalbinding and cordage-making on her YouTube channel.
  • My favourite naalbinding tutorials are from Neulakintaat and are available here. She also has videos on YouTube, accessible either directly or via the website I linked.
  • My favourite fingerloop braiding tutorials are from Cindy Myers and are available on her Silkewerke website.
  • Cindy Myers also has tutorials for making medieval hairnets here on her website. I've not tried them, but netters I've spoken to say they look good.
  • Tanya Bentham is running online embroidery courses and sells embroidery kits - see here.
  • For distaff spinning, Cathelina di Alessandri is the master. You could also check out our Facebook group, The Evangelical Church of Distaff Spinning.
  • For those on Ravelry, Chris Laning has knitting patterns for medieval-inspired purses, a replica of the Gunnister Purse and medieval Islamic-inspired socks, among other things.
  • If you are interested in later historical fashion, getting on the waiting list for Your Wardrobe Unlock'd might be a good plan.

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