8 July 2012

Fingerloop braiding ... gotta catch them all?

So, I promise to write about the wedding outfits soon. I just need to find some time to actually get back in them and get some nice photos of everything from a constructional perspective.

In the meantime: fingerloop!

I've been thinking about what I would have in a display of medieval textiles and crafts, given endless time, skills and money. ^_^ Of course, some of those ideal things are not at all feasible and others (e.g. weaving, netting) I do not know how to do (yet...?). Others, however, I have dabbled in and can talk about reasonably intelligently (at least to complete novices). It's just nice display pieces that are lacking.

I had a big debate with Himself about what one should do when reenacting and how it is best to display things. Basically, my feelings are that one can go down two routes - to be representative (and show things in terms of their frequency) or be complete (and show as much as possible, even unusual things or things a bit off your scope in either date or geography). I'm going to follow the latter in terms of items, then try to make sure I am representative via my actual conversations. I think it's easier to engage with people if there's more things on display - it is more likely that a visitor will find at least one thing interesting. Also, it is easier to talk about development, progress and history if you can compare it to other things not only verbally but also visually and tactile-ly.

Anyway, this all boils down to my first planned project: to be complete and have a full display of all the known 15th Century fingerloop braids. Which, having done a little reading, now seems to be quite a task! There are 67 braids in Tollemache/Harley 2303 alone. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to be able to find a like-minded nutter or two to do the multiperson braids with, or if I'm going to have to attempt to use this lady's method of doing braids F-fell so they can be singleperson.

In any case, it should keep me occupied for a while... so, watch this space.


  1. likeminded nutter here!
    just a little geographical and time problem.... but maybe we can work on that... ;)

    1. *muhahahahahaha* Of course, me lovely. ^_^

  2. Speaking of 'gotta catch them all', I've been working on putting together a pattern book that includes all of the braid variations developed by other fingerloop braid enthusiasts. Recently I've met some people who are interested in real life, and so I was updating the notes to my pattern book to include URLs.
    According to my notes, one of the patterns I included in there was a 3-bow braid that I got from your website, but I now cannot find it.
    Also, I wanted to get your permission to use your original braid, with appropriate citations and credit, of course, in (possible) class materials and if I give away copies of my pattern book.

    1. Hmmm... I don't think I have a three-bow one. Perhaps check out https://loopbraider.com/ as she has *loads* of original patterns, including IIRC three-bow ones.

      As for my original one, can I first ask what your pattern book is to be used for? Is it SCA classes? Cheers. ^_^