14 August 2012

Germanic weirdness

Someone Germanic, please, please make a reproduction of this!

Oh, my goodness. How much weird awesomeness can you fit into one effigy? It's got utterly bizarre tippets, an off-the-shoulder dress for Elizabeth, and look at those slits with the three buttonholes on Ulrich's tunic. Interestingly, they both have long, loose, wavy hair and a band around the head - possibly this is because they were both children when they died, as is revealed in the inscription (see bottom of page).


  1. Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I wanted your take on something in the depiction of Elisabeth.

    The button placket seems different in both style and placing between the body and the skirt of her garment (with the change occurring somewhere under the belt). Do you think this could be indicative of a separate garment over the top of her dress, or otherwise an attempt to represent the difference in the fullness of the garment between the body and the skirt?

    Sorry if you've addressed this elsewhere, I just got excited by it.

    Sarah LR

    1. No, no worries at all. I love this sort of discussion so please feel free to comment on elderly stuff, too. I only apologise for not spotting your comment sooner!

      As for your actual question, I'm afraid the image provided in the link on this post is not high-res enough for me to confidently identify button plackets, nevermind interpret them. Do you have a link to a better image?