2 September 2014

Manuscript challenge: pink lowerclass dress

So, as you are probably aware by now, Maria, blogging at In Deme Jare Christi, has issued the Manuscript Challenge.

  • You choose a full-colour original image from a manuscript, fresco, statue, effigy, etc. dated 400-1500 and reproduce the entire outfit exactly as in your inspiration.
  • You can then ask at the Manuscript Challenge Facebook Page for assitance and encouragement. 
  • You must also let everyone know how you are progressing, e.g. by blogging about it.
  • And you have 1 year to finish (specifically, 1 year from when you first post your inspiration photo).
I thought this would tie-in perfectly with the project I was already working on - my pink lowerclass dress - as Maria said it was ok to submit projects you'd already started.

So, my inspiration image is:

Haine (Hate), Felonie and Vilanie.
Roman de la Rose, c. 1365, France.
University of Chicago Library, MS 1380, f. 2r.
I will be reproducing Felonie's outfit (the centre figure), with a wrapped wimple and a pink-brown dress. As I mentioned in my previous posts on this project, I will be interpreting the pink-brown dress as a surcoat and using Herjolfsnes #42 as inspiration.

First I have the small issue of a PhD to finish this winter, but I very much hope that I will complete this project. As I've already posted my inspiration image on the Facebook page, my deadline is: 22nd August 2015. However, I'm hoping to go to Azincourt 2015 (my first international show! *fingerscrossed*), so my soft deadline is 25th July 2015.


  1. How is it coming with Azincourt? Will you be going? It would be lovely to see you there. :)

    1. Azincourt is ... currently a maybe. I've a lot on my plate this spring - finishing my PhD thesis, moving to a new city, house-hunting, finding a job. I am hoping to go to Azincourt but I'm not currently sure whether I'll manage it.

      However, t'would be lovely to see you (and some of my other Scandinavian reenacting idols!). If not, perhaps Visby one day...