2 January 2019

Sewing goals - 2019

Hello, all!

I hope to be rather more active blogging here this year. I have several large projects going on this year as ... I am finally actually going to the Battle of Wisby! (Eee! I am SO excited!) So, I have new head-to-toe outfits for myself and my husband to sew before August.

As well as giving me a good kick on my Herjolfsnes/Manuscript challenge dress, some of the outfits will also fit into this year's Historical Sew Monthly Challenges. My plans are thus:

January - Dressed to the Nines - Make something fancy so you'll be 'dressed to the nines' - whether it's the full outfit, or a little accessory. Or, make something from a year ending in 9 or an item with 9 major design elements.
I can't currently think of anything that will fit into this challenge.

February - Linen/linens - Make something out of linen, or that falls under the older definition of linens, i.e. underclothes.
I have already sewn two new shifts for myself, but I have two pairs of braies and two shirts to sew for my husband plus a braies girdle to weave. I definitely won't finish all of those before February.

March - Sewing Kit - Create an item that makes use of your favourite sewing tool, instrument or gadget or an item for hour historical sewing kit.
If I am still sewing linens (or, indeed, things that need hems) I may well be using my reproduction Victorian hemming bird. In which case, that would count for this challenge.

April - Upping your Game - Make something that really stretches you and that works on the bits that you tend to rush through or skimp on.
Another I can't think of anything for. As you may have noticed from how slowly projects get posted on here, I don't tend to rush through things! The most complex thing I have planned is a Greenland-inspired cote for myself, but that wouldn't be challenging as I've already almost finished one hyper-accurate Greenland-inspired dress.

May - Florals - Create an item that features flowers in some way.
No idea! Lower class 14th Century doesn't really lend itself to this challenge very well.

June - Favourite Techinique - Make an item using your favourite sewing or embelishment technique.
Possibly something involving tablet-woven edgings? Or nice, neat 14th Century buttonholes? My husband's cote might come under this, depending on how tight on time I end up being.

July - Unexpected - Make an item with an unexpected feature.
No idea.

August - Out of a Portrait - Lift a garment out of a portrait and make it up to include in your wardrobe.
Another that doesn't really lend itself to lower class 14th Century.

September - Everyday - It's not all special occasion frocks. Make something that would have been worn or used everyday.
Lots of potential here, depending on how burnt out I am from all the pre-Visby sewing. Possibly a linen belt, hood or tabard for my husband.

October - Details - Sometimes the little things really make something fabulous. Focus on the details of your garment.
This could be a good excuse to go back to some of the outerwear made for Visby and put in any details that I didn't have time for, e.g. stab stitching, tablet-woven edgings.

November - Above the Belt - No hitting low! Let's keep things on the up and up as the year closes and make something worn above the belt.
Possibly my husband's new hood, if not already made. Or, if I have had a sewing miracle and have everything finished, a new hood for me.

December - On a Shoestring - It's an expensive time of year, so make an item on a tight budget (say, under $15, or less than you'd spend on a reasonably priced takeaway meal for one person in your country).
I suspect I'll be worn out by the time December comes round, so I'll leave this one blank. Potentially something woven could work here, though.

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