4 March 2012

14th Century Upperclass: the fabrics

So, having finally been at home when the light is good enough for photographs, I thought I would show you the fabrics we have thus far managed to amass for this project.

Having spent several months hoarding samples from various traders from the UK and beyond, so far we have actually bought this:

1: unbleached, undyed 100% linen canvas, for interlining the body of Himself's doublet/pourpoint/whateveryouwanttocallit. From Bernie the Bolt
2 & 3: bleached, undyed 100% linen, again from Bernie. These were somewhat of a compromise - it seems impossible to buy bleached linen that is not see-through (not an option for braies!). Bernie didn't have enough non-see-through linen for all our undies, so we have a semi-see-through linen for Himself's shirt (3) and non-see-through linen for Himself's braies and my shift/underdress (2).
4: blue (slightly lilac-y) 100% wool twill, for my dress, or perhaps my overdress - depends on the final purchase.
5: wine-coloured 100% wool twill, for Himself's hose and hood.
6: ridiculous gold and wine 100% silk brocade, for Himself's doublet/pourpoint/whatever. From Quartermasterie.
7: amazing natural-coloured 100% worsted wool tabby, for lining Himself's doublet-thing. From Naturtuche.
8: medium-weight, natural-coloured, 100% woolen wool tabby, for lining tippets. Also from Naturtuche.

Now, we are just waiting for a beautiful deep blue wool twill to get back in stock. That should become Himself's cotehardie/overtunic/whatever and either my dress or overdress.

As soon as the enormous roll of linen thread gets here, I'll be starting on the shirt and underdress. The rest will wait until I can get some assistance with making toiles.


  1. I have boots from kevin garlick covered in several versions of that silk, its yummy

    1. It certainly is yummy. It is, however, also exceedingly loud, particularly when one is confronted with an entire cotehardie made out of it...

      Luckily, Himself is rather fond of being an enormous peacock, so all is well. ^_^